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 Mobility decline is common among elderly and causes lots of problem for them. Door answering is one of those actions. They might fall when walking in a hurry to open the door or the visitors leave before they get to open the door. To make this part of life easier for old people, Akuvox comes up with smart ways that enable the telecare pendant to open doors in addition to making alarm calls.


This solution consists of a door phone, an indoor monitor functioning as a base unit and a pendant communicating with the indoor monitor via RF. Elders are able to manage calls and doors with these pendants and keep safe from any harm. They can just push the button and pick up the calls, open the door and then hang up calls.

Akuvox tries to make easier smart solutions in different aspects and you can imagine different ways of integrations. Intercoms, doorphones, indoor monitors, pendants, phones that all support SIP protocol.

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Baniyas Sq., Deira, Dubai, UAE.
Telephone:  +971 4 2277586
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