Expo 2020 - Dubai, UAE
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This year is full of greate honor for Sangoma. This company announced that it has been recognized by Enterprise Networking Magazine as one of the Top 10 VoIP Solution Providers of 2018! However Sangoma with 23 spots, moved up to #121 of Top 250 Canadian ICT companies for this year. Read More


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Speed Advance is excited to announce that we are providing a solution for Auto Announcement in private and public places like airports. This system helps the businesses to remove the human mistakes and increase the service level. Auto Announcement System integrates with our Contact Center also and provide a unified customer service. For more information contact us ...

OpenVox Communication Co., recently announces to release the new generation SWG-2016/32L series 4G LTE wireless VoIP gateways to enable the 2G/3G/4G network connection to any IP-based phone systems.With this new release, we have the full product line of wireless VoIP gateways that support all the wireless network interfaces to the VoIP connected world.

Chances are you have talked to a chatbot and didn’t even know it. Like most contact center innovations, chatbots have been driven by the paradoxical need to both reduce costs and provide better service. As computing power has improved and come down in cost, speech recognition and text to speech programs have followed. This resulted in the introduction of computer driven speech into the contact center. In fact, right now, both Google’s and Microsoft’s speech recognition claim to be 95% accurate, which happens to be as accurate as a human brain.

Using the Akuvox cloud-based portal, can add your all SIP devices like IP Phones, IP Intercoms, Smart indoor monitors easily.

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