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No matter the size of a business, the most important aspect of daily operations is growing relationships with other businesses or customers and communicating. Without the right communication system in place, those business partners might leave you and head to a competitor that is more easily accessible. All of that can be avoided if the business signs up for a business VoIP solution. These solutions are offered to help businesses thrive and succeed while building and maintaining relationships.


Modern companies are fully aware of the importance of investing in communications technology and giving their workers the right tools to increase productivity. In the digital age, an even greater number of work functions are being automated. This removes the burden of manual work from many employees and allows them to focus on other tasks that increase overall organizational output.

Many companies have multi-million dollar information technology budgets while others have just a few thousand dollars to spend on the technology that they need. No matter what size a company is, putting their business into the cloud is a worthy investment. However, it is important to choose an IT company that has the capability to turn this dream into reality. One of these companies is nology, and there are a number of ways that they can help any business.


VoIP services allow for companies, residences and mobile users to make calls over the internet. Each day these services grow in popularity and push out older means of telecommunications. Landline services have become a thing of the past. Those providers cannot match the overall ease of VoIP. VoIP allows for businesses to easily communicate with their clients in a quick and organized manner. The focus of many business VoIP providers is to let businesses be able maintain and grow relationships in order to be successful. On the other side, there are residential VoIP providers. These providers and services are aimed at those who are looking to keep in touch with friends and families locally, domestically and abroad. Residential VoIP providers understand how important it is to remain in constant contact with family and friends, no matter their location. Their service contains products that are meant exactly for that purpose.


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Wed., Nov. 11 @ 7am-9am EST / 12pm-2pm GMT / 5:30pm-7:30pm IST

Tie-in your knowledge of Express for Lync with this FREE ($299 Value) Online Introductory Technical Training. The presentation will last approximately 90 minutes followed by a Q&A section.


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Using VPNs for unified communications access can be frustrating for users and IT. Session border controllers offer improvements in security, economy, and usability.

If you're like me, you're likely reading this on a mobile device -- which is quite appropriate, since it was written moving at 500 mph on a cross-country flight. Mobile devices have changed almost everything we do, and users are depending on their enterprise IT teams to enable their mobility and communications needs.

IT departments everywhere are being pressured to open voice over IP networks to mobile and teleworking clients, including softphones, employee-owned smartphones, and an increasing number of video-capable devices. Sales of laptop computers are declining as increasingly powerful mobile and tablet devices gain market share.


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