Expo 2020 - Dubai, UAE
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The OpenVox new generation SWG Series appliances have released the 16 ports CDMA&GSM VoIP Gateway. This company will shows to enthusiasts the SWG products and how to set dialing and SMS configuration quickly in the webinar.
Course consists of four sessions:
Hardware Introduction: Demostrate the hardware features and how to install hardware.
Software Configuration: How to configure SIP endpoints, trunks and routes; How to send SMS on WEB or using SMS API.
Application Scenario: Batch Creating Rules; Work as a PBX.
Question & Answer: Ask any question you are interested in; Share ideas about our products or service.

This webinar will be held on Apr 11, 2018 | 21:30 UTC/GMT+8. 

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Address: Office 109B, Dubai Tower
Baniyas Sq., Deira, Dubai, UAE.
Telephone:  +971 4 2277586
Mobile:  +971 54 4551689
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