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 Thursday, February 5, 2015 @ 12pm-1pm EST / 9am-10am PST

Join this informational webinar to learn more about effective enterprise network design when incorporating unified communications.

Core to the discussion will be tools to provide security of voice, SIP routing, SIP interoperability, high availability and resiliency, and a number of other features specifically for business voice solutions like eZuce’s openUC.

Learn how Enterprise Session Border Controllers (eSBCs) enable and enhance the voice communication experience within enterprise networks. Typical applications include SIP Trunking, Remote Phone support, Branch Office connectivity and future WebRTC applications.

The Fastest Way to Bring your PBX to Market

Customize this pre-built PBX-ready box with your very own PBX solution. Saves time and reduces the need to source and integrate multiple vendor’s components.

Built on Sangoma’s proven, high-quality, industrial-grade platform.
Field-tested hardware lives up to Sangoma’s reputation for quality.
Easily integrate Sangoma’s award-winning telephony cards to support analog and digital telephony interfaces or run pure SIP.


Not too daunting of a task for SMBs

A Microsoft Exchange environment, complete with email and Active Directory can seem be a daunting task for small and medium sized businesses. You may think you need a highly trained and certified IT staff to configure and maintain this complex web of technology. Also the servers and software needed to run it can require a significant capital investment.

Microsoft Office 365 is a service that brings a comprehensive Microsoft solution to even the smallest operation, through a hosted system that delivers Microsoft Exchange and Office applications. This cloud-based solution eliminates the burden of investing in capital and technical staff required to deploy a full Microsoft solution on-site.

Did you know that the corporate PBX can be entirely replaced by a Microsoft Lync installation?

If you are familiar with Lync’s predecessor, Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS), may be interested to know that Lync has been augmented with functions that enable many enterprise voice features. On its own, Lync supports voice communication between Lync clients, along with a rich mix of Unified Communications (UC) offerings, including presence, conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboard and file transfer. But to make Lync a true PBX replacement, certain key elements must be provided by outside vendors. With some additional equipment and system configuration, full PBX functionality, including connection to the outside telephone network, is possible. Using Lync as the corporate PBX can generate the best ROI when Microsoft Exchange is already deployed, or is part of the IT roadmap, because Microsoft Exchange is the key to providing features such as voicemail and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).


Shenzhen, China –January 4th, 2015 OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd, a global leading provider of the best cost effective open source Asterisk® telephony hardware and software products, today announces innovative and affordable UCP (Unified Communication Platform) solutions for enterprises to help them to build up their telecommunication systems with a variety of options in a simple way. The unique modular design of OpenVox UCP enables the solutions are simple to deploy, highly scalable, feature-rich and for the best value.

The OpenVox UCP is more than just a VoIP gateway or an IPPBX. It is a 2U hybrid unified communication platform with both VoIP gateway and IPPBX functions. You can simply customize your IPPBX and VoIP Gateway solutions in one box with different interface modules. The UCP supports FXS, GSM and E1 interface modules and CPU board modules. The CPU board module comes with X86 architecture and works as an independent IPPBX system, supporting both Linux and Windows. The UCP supports two independent IPPBX systems in one box. Thus one system can be set as a master IPPBX system and the other as a redundant system. All data storage can be saved synchronously in the two systems. The UCP brings you the real all-in-one solution.


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